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The Top Uses For Our Rubber Mats

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Believe it or not, rubber matting has a ton of different uses around the home. Our mats are extremely versatile and here are a number of different ways to use them:

  • Keep one at every doorway entering your house to keep all your outdoor footwear on.  These are excellent ways to keep water, snow and dirt that gets tracked in from getting everywhere in your home.
  • Place one under each of your house plants to catch any drainage when watering.
  • Get some larger rubber matting and place it under any large pieces of exercise equipment you keep in your home.
  • Keep you pet’s feeding dishes on a rubber mat to trap any spills.
  • Place it on potentially slippery walkways to help prevent slipping and falling accidents.

These are just a small number of ideas that you can take for the uses of rubber matting.  Feel free to comment here with some of your own ideas!

Rubber Matting Makes For A Safe Walkway

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Safety around the home is probably one of the most important things to keep in mind either during a home improvement process or in just maintaining your house. One of these areas has to be your walkways in and around your house. There is nothing worse than these areas becoming slippery either by water or ice and falling on the hard ground.

Rubber matting makes an excellent addition to any of your walkways. Not only will it be an excellent “grippy” material to walk on, it is more shock absorbant as well making it easier on your joints.

There are also many different options in rubber matting to choose from – from ribbed rubber matting, studded and rubber mats with holes to allow for water to drain easier. All of these options will be great for a safer walkway.

Home Gym Design Round Up

Friday, November 5th, 2010

With home gyms as well as commercial, the use of rubber matting with gym equipment with essential. Rubber mats can be placed under each piece of equipment to both protect your floors and keep the gym equipment from moving around while exercising. They can also be used to keep yourself from slipping on the floor while doing floor exercises like aerobics.

Here are some of the best home gym design resources that we have found out on the web to allow you to design your own home gym. Just don’t forget to get gym mats to go with it!

Fuel The Mind – Deisgn Guide For Home Fitness Gyms – This article goes into a number of details in the creation of your own home gym including things like telling which equipment to have for the fitness objective you are looking to achieve. It also gives some excellent looking sample floor plans to help you out.

Home Gym Designs – This article from goes over everything that you need including what you can expect to pay and what you will need for space. I especially like the way it compares the price to other things that you might expect to buy – really puts it into perspective.

How to Design Your Own Home Gym – This is an excellent pdf document published by It is short and too the point with no filler – which I like! It even gives a list of exercise equipment and tells how much square footage it takes up – excellent information for someone planning a new home gym.

So You Want to Build a Home Gym? – This is a three part article by that starts out with a story on how the author came into creating his own space for a home gym that you may relate to. It gives an excellent amount of information on each essential piece of equipment that you may be considering.

10 Cool Home Gym Design Ideas – Published by If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for the look of your own home gym, here are ten different designs you can get ideas from. Excellent pictures!

Rubber Mat Flooring For Gym Floors

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Whether you are planning on setting up a home gym in that spare room in your house or you are looking at building a commercial gym, the time will come where you will have to decide on the right type of flooring. This is where a good solid rubber gym flooring can be just the thing you need.

Why should you choose rubber flooring for your gym?


Think about what is going to be happening in your gym. Heavy weights can get dropped accidentally, the large and heavy equipment sitting on your floors, a fair amount of traffic and people doing their exercises. All of this can take a tool on a regular floor. Think about how a wood floor would hold up….not very well in these conditions. Rubber makes an excellent durable floor that will take the abuse any gym application will serve.


When you are working out on a piece of equipment, the last thing you need is for the weight bench or treadmill to be slipping around on the floor. Rubber flooring will keep everything in it’s place.

Exercise causes sweat which can make a floor weight in places. The last thing that you want to do is slip and fall while lifting 100 pounds of free weights. Luckily, a rubber floor will help your feet keep their grip on the floor either wet or dry.

Cost efficient.

Comparing with the cost of other types of floor that are actually quite inferior to this application, rubber gym flooring is easier on the pocket book in the long run since it is going to last for as long as your gym lasts.

The Many Benefits Of Rubber Mats

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Using rubber mats around your home can offer you a great deal of different benefits relating to accident prevention, keeping your home more clean and making areas of your home look fantastic. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate more rubber mats into your home.

Keeping Your Home Clean.

With the cold and snowy weather that will soon be coming, we want to make sure that the dirty snow stays out of our homes. We cannot help but to track it in on our footwear but using a good rubber mat can definitely help contain the problem and keep the snow from thawing all over your nice clean floors.

Prevent Home Accidents Involving Falling.

Another excellent benefit of using a rubber mat at each of your exterior doorways is that they provide a safer area that will prevent a lot of falls and similar accidents. Many rubber mats introduce a slip free surface that ensure that you keep your footing. Various designs of these mats also whisk away water making sure the rubber surface stays as dry as possible.

Adding A Beautiful Design Element.

With a large number of different designs to choose from, you do not always have to sacrifice the look of your area in order to gain the other benefits of rubber mats. There are many different styles of rubber mats available that will work with just about any look you are going after.


Rubber is extremely durable and these mats should last you for a long amount of time. They can take mud and dirt, cold snow, water, and almost anything else you can give it.

Easy To Maintain.

Literally, all you need to wash a rubber mat is a hose. Take it outside and give it a quick spray with the hose and let it dry off by itself. You may want to take a brush to it as well to get any really ground in dirt out of the way but, all in all, it is very simple to clean and stay clean.

Incorporating Rubber Matting to Create a Kid Friendly Space

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Any parent that has ever taken their children to an indoor playground or to a public play area has probably marveled at the rubber mats installed to protect the kids from unnecessary injuries, but few individuals realize that the same type products are actually available for use in private homes. Day care centres and nurseries are already well aware of the fact that rubber mats can be incorporated into their facility in a variety of different settings. The majority of consumers would be amazed at how truly inexpensive rubber matting can be, and the following will help describe a few possible applications within a residence.

Floor mats come in different widths and designs, and the interlocking feature of many of the products on the market allows individuals to cover an entire space. Rubber matting provides a stable surface for children learning to walk, but it also absorbs impact should they fall. As children get older, the rubber mats will continue to protect even when rough housing becomes the most popular pastime. One of the most unique features of rubber matting is the durability, and it’s incredibly easy to keep the surface clean. Because it is not porous, any drinks or liquids can be easily wiped. The same benefits hold true of the products that are designed for use in outdoor play areas, such as around a swing set or jungle gym.

Parents that encourage sports activity will love the fact that their hard floors can be instantly covered with a thick mat, and the good news is that rubber matting can easily be removed and put away for storage. Gym mats come in a variety of different styles, and some of them even fold for convenience. Whether a child is interested in dance, gymnastics, or another sport, rubber matting can make it safe to practice at home without being exposed to hazards.

Rubber Matting Increases Workplace Safety

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Rubber matting lets people gain some much-needed traction in hazardous situations. Where smooth-surfaced floors become wet from spills or regular processes, diamond-patterned high grip rubber mats allow workers to maintain sure-footed balance without having to take extra precaution.

Rubber matting is also great for fatigue. Because rubber mats have such a soft contact surface, they are used to help those who must stand for long hours. Workstations on assembly lines and in industrial inspection facilities benefit from rubber matting that allows employees to take some of the load off their legs while enjoying a safe walking area.

Rubber mats are nice in home workshops, great in garages and perfect for outdoor usage in large scale-catering operations or temporary trade show displays. With different grades of rubber matting available, ready to accept any logo or surface treatment a firm or individual needs, there’s no reason your home or workplace floors shouldn’t be safe.