Home Gym Design Round Up

With home gyms as well as commercial, the use of rubber matting with gym equipment with essential. Rubber mats can be placed under each piece of equipment to both protect your floors and keep the gym equipment from moving around while exercising. They can also be used to keep yourself from slipping on the floor while doing floor exercises like aerobics.

Here are some of the best home gym design resources that we have found out on the web to allow you to design your own home gym. Just don’t forget to get gym mats to go with it!

Fuel The Mind – Deisgn Guide For Home Fitness Gyms – This article goes into a number of details in the creation of your own home gym including things like telling which equipment to have for the fitness objective you are looking to achieve. It also gives some excellent looking sample floor plans to help you out.

Home Gym Designs – This article from PersonalTrainingFitness.com goes over everything that you need including what you can expect to pay and what you will need for space. I especially like the way it compares the price to other things that you might expect to buy – really puts it into perspective.

How to Design Your Own Home Gym – This is an excellent pdf document published by AceFitness.org. It is short and too the point with no filler – which I like! It even gives a list of exercise equipment and tells how much square footage it takes up – excellent information for someone planning a new home gym.

So You Want to Build a Home Gym? – This is a three part article by NaturalPhysiques.com that starts out with a story on how the author came into creating his own space for a home gym that you may relate to. It gives an excellent amount of information on each essential piece of equipment that you may be considering.

10 Cool Home Gym Design Ideas – Published by Furnishism.com. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration for the look of your own home gym, here are ten different designs you can get ideas from. Excellent pictures!

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