The Top Uses For Our Rubber Mats

Believe it or not, rubber matting has a ton of different uses around the home. Our mats are extremely versatile and here are a number of different ways to use them:

  • Keep one at every doorway entering your house to keep all your outdoor footwear on.  These are excellent ways to keep water, snow and dirt that gets tracked in from getting everywhere in your home.
  • Place one under each of your house plants to catch any drainage when watering.
  • Get some larger rubber matting and place it under any large pieces of exercise equipment you keep in your home.
  • Keep you pet’s feeding dishes on a rubber mat to trap any spills.
  • Place it on potentially slippery walkways to help prevent slipping and falling accidents.

These are just a small number of ideas that you can take for the uses of rubber matting.  Feel free to comment here with some of your own ideas!

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